Whyley Dance

We are a wonderful dance family with no pressures about image, exams, competitions or judgement. We focus on getting back to what dance is all about… creativity, posture and dance skills!

All classes are structured around helping with wellbeing, flexibility, fitness and health for everyone of every ability, age 4years and over.

Discover skills and talents

We enciurage our dancers to be creative and have the courage to follow it. Helping them to:

  • Unlock their potential
  • Blossom and encourage creativity
  • Develop into well rounded individuals

In Safe Hands

You can feel confident you and / your child is in safe hands:

  • Firstly I am a mom of two
  • I am enhanced DBS checked
  • I have a child protection certificate which is renewed when needed
  • I hold an up to date First Aid certificate
  • I have completed training for safety at work
  • I follow Data protection protocol
  • I hold Public liability Insurance

I believe that every dance school and teacher are all very different and there is one out there for everyone. I feel my training and background makes my school different, as I have experienced the strict dance school, exams, professional dance training and also the community dance experience. I like to bring these experiences into my classes allowing my dancers to get inspired and love dance as much as me.

When I started my Dance School I wanted everyone to get the chance to dance. For everyone to feel comfortable and get inspired. To help with confidence, socialising and escapism from this mad social media ruled world. 

We let the talent do the talking…

We don’t do exams but that doesn’t mean we just a club, we work very hard to teach the tools of becoming an amazing dancer.

I have had several dancers go off to university for Drama, Dance, music or childcare.  Also some fantastic dancers who have gone on to further dance training.

My Passion

I started to dance at 4 years old. My mom tells me in the beginning I use to get upset and very shy but she took me each week regardless to build commitment and determination. With encouragement from my mother I carried on through my teenage years and I’m so glad I did. Achieving numerous certificates, medals and being involved in some huge dance shows. It was hard work, challenging but also incredible which lead to achieving an audition to the Royal Ballet.

I attended Halesowen college, achieving AS levels in Dance, Media and Drama and Btec diploma in Dance before going off to Wolverhampton university to do an Honours degree in dance.

At university we studied modules such as teaching, musical theatre and dance science. The course also included wonderful workshops dancing with:

  • ACE Dance company
  • Rosie Kay
  • Donald Edwards

Starting suring my university days I became an assistant at Dudley Performing Arts. This was definitely my favourite part of my dance career. It made me realise that it doesn’t matter what size you are, or if you have any learning difficulties everyone deserves a chance to dance. I met some of the most incredible dancers that I had the pleasure to work with for 9years. Teaching me some life skills like don’t let people judge you, be confident, inspire people with what you enjoy.

Along side university I had intense training in Ballroom and Latin which I continued for 7 years and now use this training in my adult dance classes now.

I continued to work for DPA (Dudley performing Arts) where I got inhouse training for teaching, foundation level training and many other up skilling certificates. I have worked in many different settings schools, colleges, community groups and dance schools catering for teeny tiny 18months olds up to 80-years old. Every hour was different, and it was fantastic challenging but brilliant.

Teaching curriculum topics, after school groups and festival work as every year we worked on a huge festival at Himley with 1000s of dancers involved. Unfortunately after 9 years the council lost all funding, so this was my chance to see if I could open my own dance school. One thing I definitely knew I wanted my dance school to be community based meaning everyone gets a chance to dance. Talent does the talking not exams and pressure on dancers.

Starting my own school in 2010 was the best thing I could have ever done.

Taking time out to have my children, before which I thought I knew children pretty well… but being a mom myself has taught me so much… Patients, a new view on the world, and an insight into their wonderful creative imagination. Each week giving me fantastic ideas. Being brutally honest with me!!!

So, if you’re looking for a dance school which teaches :

  • Dance technique
  • Dance development
  • Creative tasks
  • Performance skills 
  • Choreographic knowledge 

in a fun but relaxed atmosphere, Whyley Dance is the place for you!!!

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