In this time of Covid-19 pandemic we are all more sedentary than normal – the pure restriction of having to stay home means that we are getting out less and hence moving less.  The human body is built to keep moving but in modern day life we sit a lot – in cars, at our desks for much of the day, then on the sofa in the evenings… not what our bodies were designed for. Plus, if you have painful joints, it can lead to you choosing to move less.

Why is moving our bodies important?

Whilst we mostly understand that less activity can in turn lead to increased risk of conditions like heart disease, the ability to keep moving can have a massive effect on your general health. Movement is important for our general physical and mental health. Remaining active is vital for general circulation.

It is proven that healthy movement can helps us to:

  • Feel well, physically and emotionally
  • Function productively
  • Think, learn, and improve memory retention
  • Communicate and express ourselves better
  • Connect and build relationships with others

Movement we can all do at home.

We don’t need “workouts” to move… There are lots of things that we can all do at home without donning our gym kit; choosing to climb the stairs, choosing to walk further to the shop, or bin, running for a bus, digging in the garden, vigorous hoovering… and so on

Jump on a zoom

There are loads of zoom based options out there now from Joe Wicks to Lets dance on CBeebies with Otis… Bitesize fitness to Davina’s fitness videos. What ever your preference or ability there are loads to choose from. Dancing is a great form of movement because not only does it build strength and stamina it also improves flexibility, movement memory and fine motor skills.

Join me

Join me, Shell, at Areley king’s village hall or Baxter college for full structured and fun dance workshops. I do many different dance styles and infuse many cultural styles. We look at technique, flexibility and fitness and performance skills. I offer classes that are not based round exams and pressured competitions, I want everyone to have the chance to dance. This does not mean we any less professional as we work towards rainbow badges, an annual show and involve professional dance artist to come to teach, so the dancers get some wonderful experiences and see the joyful side of dance learning. I have incredibly talented dancers and it comes down to passion and hard work.

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