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Zumba is a Latin inspired,Dance-fitness class that incorporates latin and international music and dance movement.It is a fitness party that combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. it is a unique blended balance of cardio and muscle-toning.

Zumba is for dancers and non-dancers, it creates a party-like atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Zumba is different,its easy and very effective for fun,confidence,health and stress relief.

For more information about Zumba check out www.zumba.com

Everyone is welcome and id love to see you at one of my high energy parties to have a good wiggle and a great giggle. I come from a dance background so not only do I want you to become fit and healthy but i want you to be confident in the movements so I don't rush. My classes are a mix of calm and cardio and new dances are added when the group are happy. My classes have alternatives to make things easier and also harder for those who want to be pushed.


Remember each person is different so you push your body to your limit no one else's. We have so much fun we don't even feel like we working out. If you have been coming a while now the biggest change you can make is come to two classes a week it has major health benefits, which many of my zumba dancers have told me.

Other comments: From feedback

' I've lost 7lbs '
' I've lost 2 inchs round my wasit '
' My upper arms don't wobble!!! '
' I feel so much happier '
' I come straight from work and to be honest don't always feel like it but the change in how i feel after is mad '
' I'm recovering from a hip injury and it is really help strengthen '
' I am 70 and i love it can't always do everything but i just keep wiggling and moving '
' I come along with my friend I didn't see enough and my mum great way to socialise together as all we do is giggle '

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